First published in 1931, this volume publishes the Ford Lectures given at Oxford University in late 1929 by Alfred Francis Pribram in their original form. The primary motive has been that English scholars should realize how British foreign policy during the years 1871-1914 appears to a Continental historian. Pribram seeks to indicate the policy pursued by leading British statesmen in decisive international questions of their time and to reveal the principles which induced them to act as they did. He further outlines the policies of the leading statesmen of other European Great Powers and reproduce their opinion of British foreign policy.

chapter |19 pages

Lecture I (1871-1879)

chapter |28 pages

Lecture II (1879-1890)

chapter |21 pages

Lecture III (1890-1897)

chapter |25 pages

Lecture IV (1898-1902)

chapter |26 pages

Lecture V (1902-1908)

chapter |29 pages

Lecture VI (1908-1914)

chapter |2 pages