First published in 1982, this volume responds to the attribution of numerous plays to Shakespeare which were not his own and selects four plays which have been ascribed in whole or in part to Shakespeare by responsible, talented scholars: The Reign of King Edward III, Sir Thomas More, The History of Cardenio and The Two Noble Kinsmen. Included in the bibliography are all the books, chapters and appendices of books, articles, review articles, reviews and notices of stage productions and a limited number of the more substantial discussions dealing with the four plays and published since 1930. The bibliography is organized by play with an initial section listing items dealing with two or more plays.

chapter I|43 pages

The Plays as a Group

chapter II|21 pages

The Reign of King Edward III

chapter III|51 pages

Sir Thomas More

chapter IV|13 pages

The History of Cardenio

chapter V|49 pages

The Two Noble Kinsmen