This book, first published in 1935, is an early western study of the practice of yoga. It examines the theories of yoga, and attempts to understand and explain its philosophy and beliefs.

1. The Seven Sheaths of the Body  2. Mind and its Functions  3. Direct Effort and Attainment  4. Preliminary Applied Meditation  5. How to Harmonize the Bodies  6. Development of the Brain  7. The Care of the Four Bodies  8. Further Obstacles to be Avoided  9. Eight Subdivisions of Preliminary Yoga  10. God  11. Significance of OM  12. The Significance of Soul  13. Primordial Matter  14. Creation  15. The Four Bodies and Attainment of Freedom  16. The Innate Powers of the Soul  17. Desirable Food for the Attainment of Yoga  18. Conduct for Transcendental Success  19. Pranayama or Regulation of Breath  20. Easy Yogic Postures and Exercises  21. Master Key Over the Self  22. Mystery of Unique Meditation  23. Progress in Yoga  24. Final Emancipation