A seven volume set of books containing all the known published writings and translations of Mary Wollstonecraft, who is generally recognised as the mother of the feminist movement. She was also an acute observer of the political upheavals of the French revolution and advocated educational reform.

part |49 pages

Education of Daughters

chapter |2 pages

The Nursery

chapter |3 pages

Moral Discipline

chapter |2 pages

Exterior Accomplishments

chapter |2 pages

Artificial Manners

chapter |2 pages


chapter |2 pages

The Fine Arts

chapter |2 pages


chapter |1 pages


chapter |2 pages

The Temper

chapter |3 pages


chapter |3 pages


chapter |2 pages

Desultory Thoughts

chapter |2 pages

On the Treatment of Servants

chapter |1 pages

The Observance of Sunday

chapter |2 pages


chapter |1 pages


chapter |2 pages

The Theatre

chapter |2 pages

Public Places

part |300 pages

The Female Reader

chapter Book I|31 pages

Narrative Pieces

chapter Book II|44 pages

Didactic and Moral Pieces

chapter Book III|72 pages

Allegories and Pathetic Pieces

chapter Book IV|50 pages

Dialogues, Conversations, and Fables

chapter Book V|43 pages

Descriptive Pieces

part |98 pages

Original Stories

chapter Chapter IV|3 pages

Anger History of Jane1 [Fretful]

chapter Chapter IX|3 pages

The Inconveniences of immoderate Indulgence

chapter Chapter XII|2 pages

Behaviour to Servants True Dignity of Character

chapter Chapter XV|3 pages

Prayer A Moon-light Scene Resignation

chapter Chapter XVIII|2 pages

Visit to the Schoolmistress True and false Pride

chapter Chapter XXII|1 pages

Journey to London

chapter Chapter XXV|2 pages

Mrs Mason’s farewell Advice to her young Friends

part |7 pages

Management of Infants

part |14 pages