William Hazlitt is viewed by many as one of the most distinguished of the non-fiction prose writers to emerge from the Romantic period. This nine-volume edition collects all his major works in complete form.

part |162 pages

The Round Table

chapter |67 pages

Vol. I

chapter |94 pages

Volume Two

part |158 pages

Lectures on The English Poets

chapter Lecture I|16 pages

Introductory – On Poetry in General

chapter Lecture II|25 pages

On Chaucer and Spenser

chapter Lecture III|22 pages

On Shakspeare and Milton

chapter Lecture IV|16 pages

On Dryden and Pope

chapter Lecture V|17 pages

On Thomson and Cowper

chapter Lecture VI|17 pages

On Swift, Young, Gray, Collins, &c

chapter Lecture VII|20 pages

On Burns, and the Old English Ballads

chapter Lecture VIII|23 pages

On the Living Poets