This 4-colour practical guide explores how the design of interior spaces impacts wellbeing. In the built environment, this topic is generally overlooked, even though it is one of the most important topics in sustainable building. This book will enable project teams to understand how specific decisions about sustainable design and materials can be implemented on a day to day basis. Each Part ends by placing each issue into context, exploring how it is a part of sustainable design and includes practical examples. This books raises awareness of the impact interior environments have on wellbeing, and provide details and guidance on how to immediately apply the knowledge in this book to short and long term projects. It also quantifies the impacts in financial and other value terms, making this book immediately useful in a designer's day-to-day work.

Part 1: The Origins of Wellbeing  Part 2: Aesthetic Issues Affecting Wellbeing  Introduction  1. Colour Psychology  2. Shapes and Volumes  3. Art In Hospitals  4. Wellbeing and Materials  Part 3: Physical Issues Affecting Wellbeing  Introduction  5. The Effects of the Internal Environmental Factors on People   6. Daylighting Design for Health and Wellbeing: Evidence and Prospects   7. Light and Wellbeing   8. Acoustic Design Quality   9. Indoor Air Quality  Part 4: Operational Issues Affecting Wellbeing  Introduction  10. Measuring Wellbeing  11. Delivering a Design for Wellbeing  Part 5: User Experience Through Spaces  12. A User-Centred Guide to Workspace Wellbeing  13. Designing for the Senses  Part 6: Commercial Issues Around a Design Supporting Wellbeing  Introduction  14. The Business Case for Wellbeing in Interiors