If you need to understand about engaging the services of an architect, this updated RIBA guide is for you. Straightforward and completely up-to-date regarding legislation, it sets out everything you need to be aware of, for a large or small domestic project. The right architect can bring considerable added value to the success of your project. This guide talks you through all aspects of your project and what you should expect from your architect at each stage - including formal appointment mechanisms, calculating fees and project management responsibilities. For domestic clients, both for large or small projects, and especially those who have never carried out this role before, this guide offers a quick and easy overview of the value, mechanisms and context of appointing your architect.

1. Do I Need An Architect?  2. What Services Can An Architect Provide?  3. How Do Architects Charge Their Fees?  4. The Architect's Appointment  5. Other Consultants  6. The Project Process  7. Other Practical Considerations  8. RIBA Chartered Practices and the RIBA Code of Conduct  9. RIBA Find an Architect and Client Referrals Service  10. RIBA Competitions  11. RIBA Client Advisers  12. Managing Disputes  13. Client Checklist  Further Reading