Originally published in 1974. This book discusses those aspects of Chaucer’s art which are concerned with the problem of specific form. These aspects have been concentrated on by the author for Chaucer’s major poems and some of his so-called minor poems in separate chapters. It offers a critical evaluation of some specific literary achievements of one of the most important authors of the medieval period. The author extensively compares Chaucer's poetic technique to contemporary French poets and preceding poetic structure.

chapter Chapter One|15 pages

The Book of the Duchess

chapter Chapter Two|19 pages

The Complaint: Venus, Pity and Mars

chapter Chapter Three|27 pages

The House of Fame

chapter Chapter Four|17 pages

The Legend of Good Women

chapter Chapter Five|81 pages

The Canterbury Tales

chapter Chapter Six|53 pages

The Book of Troilus

chapter Chapter Seven|13 pages

The Envoi a Scogan and the Envoi a Bukton