Using Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy / Factitious Disorder by Proxy and Parental Alienation as exmplars, this book advances a new diagnostic category for addressing complex pathological phenomena that integrates individual characteristics and symptoms, family as well as other system dynamics, under one diagnosis.

The author examines why current diagnostic categories within the DSM-5 are inadequate and provides a framework for this new category—Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnosis—to better capture the complexity of MSBP / FDBP and Parental Alienation. The book begins with case studies and other examples to make the material accessible, and then proposes step-wise processes of examining family systems to determine if the phenomena exist to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty. After new diagnostic process and criteria are provided, several interventions and recommendations for treatment are offered in a novel way that attends to the core aspects of these pathologies.

This text will provide practitioners, professionals, and researchers with a unique vantage point from which to understand and treat these pathologies.

Acknowledgements *

Preface *

Chapter1: Diagnostic Confusion and Delays that Endanger Children *

Chapter2: Sparks that Ignite Fires, Symphonic Orchestras, and Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses *

Chapter 3: "'Tis but thy name that is my enemy…" *

Chapter 4: Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses *

Chapter 5: Factitious Disorder by Proxy and Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses *

Chapter 6: Parental Alienation as an Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnosis *

Chapter 7: Parallel Characteristics and Variables: Factitious Disorder by Proxy and Parental Alienation *

Chapter 8: Interventions, Motions, Policies, Procedures, and Potential IMDs *

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Appendix A: Key IMD Symbolic Language *