The Modern Law of Contract is a clear and logical textbook, written by an experienced author team with well over 50 years’ teaching and examining experience.

Fully updated to address recent developments in Contract Law, it offers a carefully tailored overview of all key topics for LLB and GDL courses. The book also includes a number of learning features designed to enhance comprehension and aid exam preparation, allowing the reader to:

■■ understand and remember core topics: boxed chapter summaries offer a useful checklist for students, while illustrative diagrams help to clarify difficult concepts;

■■ identify important cases and assess their relevance: ‘Key case’ features highlight and contextualise the most significant cases;

■■ reflect on how contract law operates in context: highlighted ‘For thought’ features ask students to consider ‘what if’ scenarios, while ‘In focus’ features offer critical commentary on the law;

■■ consolidate learning and prepare for assessment: further reading lists and companion website directions at the end of each chapter direct you to additional interactive resources to test and reinforce your knowledge.

Clearly written and easy to use, The Modern Law of Contract enables undergraduate students of contract law to fully engage with the topic and gain a profound understanding of this fundamental area.

chapter 1|29 pages


chapter 2|61 pages

Forming the agreement

chapter 4|16 pages

Intention to create legal relations

chapter 5|33 pages


chapter 6|41 pages

The contents of the contract

chapter 7|46 pages

Clauses excluding or limiting liability

chapter 8|32 pages


chapter 9|30 pages


chapter 10|16 pages


chapter 11|30 pages

Undue influence

chapter 12|33 pages

Illegality and public policy

chapter 13|23 pages


chapter 14|26 pages

Discharge by performance or breach

chapter 15|54 pages

Remedies and restitution