This collection of short wordless picture books helps to support children with speech, language and communication needs as they develop their expressive sentence and narrative skills through storytelling. Each book is comprised of six colourful images that follow a simple everyday routine such as ‘Brushing Teeth’, ‘Having a Haircut’ and ‘Walking the Dog’. Unlike traditional picture books, they follow a film scroll effect, showing the progression of time and allowing the child to follow the story to its resolution. Because of their simplicity, the books can support children as they move from simple to intermediate sentence levels, as well as encouraging them to consider additional elements of language such as cause and effect, sequencing and inference.

This resource includes:

  • Ten beautifully illustrated picture books, each following a simple pattern of routine, disruption and resolution
  • An accompanying guidebook including story scripts, cue questions and prompts for using the resource to support additional skills

Although developed specifically to help children with speech, language and communication needs, this set is suitable for any child who requires support and practice in developing their speech. It is an invaluable resource for speech and language therapists, teaching staff and caregivers.

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In the Bakery