This volume addresses water policy issues related to water resources research, ground water, water conservation, urban water systems, water resource planning, supply and demand interaction, principles and standards, and cost-benefit analysis, as well as general, institutional aspects of local, state, regional, and federal policies. The five contributors are scientists with expertise in water resources policy; their associations with Congress, the administration, state and local governments, private industry, and the academic community provide broad perspectives of their subject. The focus of their concerns is the Carter administration's Water Policy Initiatives submitted to Congress in June 1978.

About the Series -- Preface -- Research Needs for Water Resources Policy -- An Overview of National Water Policy -- Improving Procedures for Planning and Evaluating Federal Water Resources Projects -- Research Under the New Water Policy -- Institutional Aspects of National Water Policy -- Specific Urban Aspects of Water Resources Policy -- Summary of Positions on President Carter's Water Policy Initiatives -- Federal Water Policy Initiatives