In Schools with Heart , Brown explores voluntarism by using original data gathered from 185 interviews with public school principals, teachers, and volunteers, many of whom worked in schools known for their volunteer programs. Supplementing these data from other studies, this careful inquiry finds that volunteers offer much to schools. School volun

chapter 1|10 pages

Is Voluntarism Important?

part I|92 pages

Experiences with School Voluntarism

chapter 2|22 pages

School Gifts, Givers, and Giving

chapter 3|14 pages

Some Effects of Benevolence

chapter 4|17 pages

Issues of Student Equity

chapter 6|20 pages

Voluntary Public School Organization

part II|67 pages

Generalizations and Policies

chapter 8|23 pages

Some Theories of Voluntarism

chapter 9|25 pages

Educational Policy: Macro and Micro