A study in historical anthropology, this work focusses on the world historical incorporation of Laos into a colonial capitalist system of surplus accumulation. In so doing, new light is brought to bear upon the non-rebellious and, especially, rebellious responses of the majority (Lao) and minority (montagnard) population of that country, at least as determined by a scrutiny of largely archival-based sources. The approach taken is to combine a general world system analysis with a concern for the non-economic, moral and ideological form; of colonial and "feudal" domination.

chapter |8 pages


part One|49 pages

The Development of Colonial Capitalism in Laos (1893-1954)

chapter 2|26 pages

The Colonial State Project in Laos

part Two|40 pages

The Non-Rebellion of the Lao

part Three|97 pages

The Political Economy of Peasant Rebellion in Laos