Over the past 150 years, Americans have responded repeatedly to the needs of people in foreign lands, providing aid in times of natural disaster, in the wake of war, in the development of resources, in the eradication of disease and poverty and in the battle against hunger. This challenging task has been tackled again and again by churches, corpora

chapter |6 pages


part One|24 pages

The Long Emergence of Private Foreign Aid

chapter 1|10 pages

War Relief Activities and Their Aftermath

chapter 2|12 pages

From War Zone Relief to Global Development

part Two|119 pages

Private Support for Foreign Assistance

chapter 3|10 pages

Churches and Individuals

chapter 4|54 pages


chapter 5|51 pages

U.S. Corporations

part Three|100 pages

The Private Voluntary Organizations

chapter 6|32 pages

PVOs: What Are They?

chapter 7|21 pages

PVOs and the U.S. Government

chapter 8|11 pages

PVOs and Intergovernmental Agencies

chapter 9|14 pages

The Special Case of PVOs and Refugees

part Four|43 pages

Conclusions and Future Options

chapter 11|12 pages

Rethinking Foreign Aid

chapter |7 pages