Addressing methodological and substantive research problems common to local Jewish population studies, the contributorsto this book present the most recent research findings on suchproblems as how to design studies that will make a contributionto social science knowledge as well as have a strong impacton the planning process; methods of sampling that will optimizethe trade-offs between costs and accuracy; how to develop acomparative framework so that results from individual communitiesmay be fruitfully understood in a larger context; and whichquestions should be asked in surveys and how. Detailed essaysdiscuss every step of the research process. The book includesa compendium of findings from several recent. population studiesas well as an annotated inventory of questionnaire items, allof which should prove useful to researchers and communitiesplanning to undertake Jewish population studies.

Foreword /Marshall Sklare -- Introduction /Steven M. Cohen -- Acknowledgments /Editors -- Part One: Initiating and Utilizing Local Jewish Population Studies -- 1. Guidelines for the Design and Use of Jewish Population Studies /Jonathan S. Woocher and Steven M. Cohen -- 2. Jewish Demographic Studies as a Planning Process: Coalition Formation and Applied Research /Gary A. Tobin -- 3. Interpreting and Communicating the Results of Jewish Population Studies /Peter B. Friedman -- 4. Planning Policy and Research: The Perspective of a Federation Executive /Jacob B. Ukeles -- 5. Using Jewish Population Study Data for Decision Making: Theoretical Considerations and Practical Experience /Steven Huberman -- 6. Federation and Population Studies /Lester I. Levin -- Part Two: Issues in Data Collection and Analysis -- 7. Sampling Strategies in Jewish Community Studies /Bruce A. Phillips -- 8. Sample Design and Population Estimation: The Experience of the New York Jewish Population Study (1981-1984) /Paul Ritterband and Steven M. Cohen -- 9. Data Collection Procedures in Random Digit Dialing Screening Studies: Interviewers and Respondents /Bruce A. Phillips and Eve Weinberg. -- 10. Including Non-Jews in Jewish Community Samples: Substantive and Methodological Issues /Calvin Goldscheider -- 11. Using Death Records for Estimating the Jewish Elderly Population in Local Areas /Ira Rosenwaike -- 12. Exploring Possibilities for FoUowup Studies of Jewish Communal Surveys /Bruce A. Phillips -- Part Three: Resources for Questionnaire Design and Interpretation of Findings -- 13. A Compendium of Jewish Demographic Studies /Gary A. Tobin and Julie A. Lipsman. -- 14. An Annotated Inventory of Questions for Local Jewish Population Studies /Steven M. Cohen -- Contributors.