Integrating psychotherapy with psychoanalysis and philosophy, this text offers therapists a way to reframe a client’s understanding of their mental health issues through a holistic, dynamic lens.

Drawing from theory, research and over fifty years of clinical practice, Dr. Gustafson analyzes a unique range of case stories from diverse clients with varying problems including trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and relationship conflict. This book pictures five different domains that make huge differences in the quality of psychotherapy. Part I offers a snapshot of what is possible for the patient during the initial patient study. Part II shows how the patient’s expectations can be subverted. Part III draws upon subconscious elements, mainly dreams, that can provide the patient with unique perspectives that the conscious mind is not capable of. In Part IV, the author looks at how the evolution of human emotions and relationships can have a negative impact on the individual patient. Part V examines the impact that large-scale issues such as religion and faith can have upon our daily lives. 

The author weaves together philosophical theory, psychoanalytic techniques and psychodynamic psychotherapeutic strategies, to provide clinicians and therapists with an innovative approach to healing their clients. 

part I|17 pages


chapter 1|5 pages

What Is Possible And What Is Not Possible

chapter 2|4 pages

Forces In Shadow

chapter 3|5 pages


part II|24 pages


chapter 4|6 pages

Life Lies

chapter 6|8 pages

Double Takes

part III|27 pages

Dreams And Myths As Second Impression

chapter 8|10 pages

A Step From Walking Off A Cliff

chapter 9|5 pages

Imagining What Has Not Been Imagined

part IV|21 pages

The Evolution Of The Species In Everyday Life

part V|19 pages

The Great World In Everyday Life

chapter 13|5 pages

The Immense Realm Of The False

chapter 14|4 pages

Noble Playing Fields

chapter 15|7 pages

Religious Deliverance

Light And Dark

chapter |1 pages