This book is a comprehensive resource to guide work with individuals on the autism spectrum. It reflects the true range of needs presented by individuals with autism, pulling together the most salient aspects of treatment with invaluable information from several disciplines synthesized to guide your work.

Divided into topical sections with chapters from three field experts in each, this book features contributions from therapists, educators, and medical doctors, as well as financial planners, health advocates, and innovators. The diverse disciplines and backgrounds of each author lend a different voice and perspective to each chapter, reflecting the continuum of care necessary when working with clientele on the autism spectrum, and that, for clients on the spectrum, one solution does not fit all.

For use by psychotherapists, counselors, applied behavioral analysts, occupational therapists, social workers, teachers, and more, this text presents readers with expertise from various contributing disciplines to give them a treatment resource that can inform and guide their daily work with clients on the autism spectrum.

Section 1 Individually Focused Treatment: 1. Working with Individuals on the Spectrum. 2. Challenging and Rewarding: Individual Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents with Autism 3. Social Skills Treatment for Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Section 2 Marriage and Family Life: 4. Taking the Time to Listen: Oliver’s Story 5. The Transformative Power Of The Autism Spectrum Narrative 6. Neurologically-Mixed Marriages and the Audacity of Social Compliance

Section 3 Acknowledging and Including Siblings: 7. Siblings: Unique Concerns, Unique Opportunities 8. The Spectrum of Siblings’ Experiences 9. Addressing the Needs of Siblings in Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Section 4 Enhancing Interpersonal Communication with Speech Language Pathology: 10. Improving Quality of Life with Communication Coaching: Redefining Speech and Language Therapy 11. Everybody Communicates!12. My Client Has No Friends: Knowing When Your Client Needs a Good Speech Language Pathologist

Section 5 Addressing Executive Functioning and Sensory Needs: 13. Executive Functioning Needs. 14. Achieving Health, Well-being, and Participation through Engagement in Occupation. 15. An Occupational Therapist Does What Exactly?

Section 6 Navigating Education Holistically: 16. Fall in Love with the Social World 17. Lessons from the Admissions Office 18. Being Prepared and Aware: Helping Individuals with Autism with Post-Secondary Education Goals

Section 7 Preparing for the World of Work: 19. Job Preparation and How to Help People on the Spectrum Have Successful Employment 20. Working Together: Empowering the Autistic Voice 21. Autism Spectrum Job Readiness Challenges and Possibilities

Section 8 Addressing Nutrition and Eating Concerns: 22. Why so Picky? Food Selectivity and How It Impacts Eating 23. Feeding and Nutrition in Individuals Diagnosed with Autism 24. Occupational Therapy in the Treatment of Selective Eating

Section 9 Finding Solutions for Sleep Concerns: 25. Sleep Challenges for People with Autism 26. Approaching Sleep Problems in Adolescents with Autism 27. Catching Some ZZZs: Helping Individuals Sleep Better

Section 10 Acknowledging and Addressing Medical Concerns:  28. The Role of Medication for Children on the Spectrum, from the Perspective of a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 29. Common Comorbid Conditions with Autism 30. Autism Spectrum from the Inside Out

Section 11 Encouraging Health and Wellbeing: 31. I Got Fired from My Primary Care Physician 32. Why Good Hygiene and Grooming? 33. Mentoring Successful Living in a Social-Energetic World

Section 12 Using Strengths to Drive Skill Growth: 34. Combining Strength-Based Therapy with Behavior Analytic Approaches to Treatment 35. Motivation, Interests and Activation 36. There Are Other Operating Systems Besides Windows: Finding Strengths in Neurodiversity.

Section 13 Animal Assisted Interventions: 37. To the Rescue: How Animals Can Assist People Diagnosed with Autism 38. Dogs, and Horses, and Cats, Oh My! Animal-Assisted Interventions for People with Autism 39. Animal Assisted Play Therapy

Section 14 Legal and Financial Planning: 40. Options for Adulthood: How to Support Decision-Making and Independence for People with Autism 41. Planning for the Financial Future of Individuals with Autism 42. Financial Planning for Families with Children with Autism

Section 15 Moving Towards Adulthood: An Important Developmental Step: 43. Launching into Adulthood: Transitioning with the Youth at the Center 44. Countdowns, Mis-launches, and Birds in Flight 45. The Launching