Originally published in 1970, this book offered a fresh look at the triumph and turmoil of the Renaissance by examining the lives and power of the princes of Italy, who ruled the many independent states and who dominated the society which nurtured the Renaissance painters, sculptors, writers and architects. The book discusses their magnificence, deceit and cruelty, their cultivation and moral corruption and includes specific chapters on Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, Ercole d’Este, Pope Julius II and Sigismondo Malatesta.

chapter I|27 pages

The Beginning of the End

chapter II|21 pages

Princes, Potentates and Powers

chapter III|14 pages

Alfonso the Magnanimous

chapter IV|13 pages

Ferrante, King of Villains

chapter V|11 pages

The Fall of the House of Aragon

chapter VI|17 pages

The Man whom Fortune Loved

chapter VIII|14 pages

The Lady of Forli

chapter IX|22 pages

A Prince of Very Rare Perfection

chapter X|13 pages

The Gonzagas of Mantua

chapter XI|23 pages

Francesco and Isabella

chapter XII|16 pages

The Este of Ferrara

chapter XIII|19 pages

The Craft and Piety of Duke Ercole

chapter XIV|23 pages

The Enemy of three Popes

chapter XV|34 pages

The Good Dukes of Urbino

chapter XVI|5 pages

The Evilheads of Rimini

chapter XVII|12 pages

The Prince of all Wickedness

chapter XVIII|3 pages

Roberto the Magnificent

chapter XIX|7 pages

The High and Mighty Baglioni

chapter XX|7 pages

The Great Betrayal

chapter XXI|8 pages

Driven by Destiny

chapter XXII|4 pages

The Sons of Gianpaolo

chapter XXIII|5 pages

The Renaissance Papacy

chapter XXIV|6 pages

The Founding Uncle

chapter XXV|17 pages

The Terrible Pope

chapter XXVI|14 pages

Let the World Perish Provided i obtain my Wish