Needs Assessment for Learning and Performance offers comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and skills needed to develop and conduct needs assessments and to analyze, interpret, and communicate results to clients and organizations. Though critical to planning any performance improvement system, needs assessments can feel abstract and vague to students who have not yet managed the process in a professional setting. This first-of-its-kind textbook uses a variety of real-world examples to connect major theories and models to effective principles for practice. Each chapter offers guiding questions, key terms and concepts, recommended readings, and case studies illustrating how needs assessment training can be applied. Graduate students and researchers of instructional design, human resources, performance improvement, program evaluation, and other programs will find this volume relevant to a range of academic and organizational contexts.

1. The Practitioner’s Role in Needs Assessment;  2. Needs Assessment Basics: Understanding the Process;  3. Needs Theory;  4. Understanding the System;  5. Contextual Analysis;   6. Needs Assessment Models and Processes;  7. Project Management as it Relates to Needs Assessment;  8. Data Collection Tools and Techniques;  9. Making Sense of Your Data;  10. Decision-Making During Needs Assessment ;  11. Prioritizing Needs;  12. Aligning Instructional and Non-instructional Solutions;  13. Enacting Change;  14. Embracing Design Thinking to Manage Project Constraints