J. D. Bernal was a scientist who helped to pioneer the use of x-ray crystallography and was a founder of the science of molecular biology. He was also well-known as a communist and closely associated with the peace movement. Originally published in 1958, revised in 1961, this title was written, in the author’s words, "to bring together the dark and the bright side of the new power that science has given to the mankind". At a time when politics was dominated by the hydrogen bomb and the rocket. People, for the first time in their history, were having to contemplate the potential destruction of civilization and even of life itself. While at the same time aware of the benefits of the opening stages of a new industrial revolution.

chapter I|6 pages


chapter II|18 pages

Nuclear Warfare

chapter III|15 pages

Building a World at Peace

chapter IV|21 pages


chapter V|22 pages

Agriculture, Food, And Population

chapter VI|21 pages

The Advancement of Science

chapter VII|34 pages

The Economy of a World In Transition

chapter VIII|17 pages

Economic Problems of Industrial Countries

chapter X|28 pages

Education and Research for the New World

chapter XI|20 pages

The Political Problems of a Divided World

chapter XII|40 pages

The Time-Table of Transformation

chapter XIII|19 pages

The Limits of the Foreseeable Future

chapter XIV|10 pages