Now in a fully updated third edition, The Early Childhood Curriculum demonstrates how to confidently teach using inquiry-based methods that address the whole child while also meeting and exceeding academic standards.

Based on current research showing the powerful advantages of integrating the curriculum while providing inquiry opportunities, this text explores how to make such an approach work for all children, preschool through the primary grades. Since each curricular subject has its own integrity, there is a chapter for each discipline, grounding the reader in the essentials of the subject in order to foster knowledgeable and effective integration. Filled with real-life vignettes and activities, this third edition provides comprehensive information on the most recent trends in national curriculum standards and classroom technology, alongside a new section exploring the outdoors as a welcome learning environment.

Offering a foundation in early childhood theory, philosophy, research, and development, this unique textbook helps future teachers, as well as current educators, understand the "why" of curriculum in early childhood and invests them with the skills they need to move from simply following a script to knowledgeably creating curricula on their own.

Part 1. Inquiry-Based Learning and Curriculum Integration: An Overview  1. An Introduction to Curriculum Integration and Inquiry Learning  2. The Child-Centered Learning Environment  3. Assessment and Standards  4. Connecting Curricula Through Themes and Units  5. Inquiry-Based Learning  Part 2. The Subject Areas  6. Language and Literacy  7. Mathematics  8. Science  9. Social Studies  10. Music, Dramatic Play, and Drama  11. Art  12. Movement and Physical Education  Part 3. Concluding Thoughts  13. The "Why" of Inquiry Learning and Curriculum Integration