The 5th edition of this classic book was originally published in 1955, and includes contributions from well-known authors on history, politics, literature, art, architecture and philosophy. The ideas are discussed and interpreted in the context of the development of European and global intellectual, cultural and political life and includes chapters on the German communist writers of the post-war years.

chapter Chapter I|26 pages

The Country: Its Peoples and Its Language

chapter Chapter II|33 pages

German History to 1618

chapter Chapter III|42 pages

German History From 1618 to 1900

chapter Chapter IV|56 pages

German History From 1900 to 1931

chapter Chapter V|23 pages

German History From 1931 TO 1937 1

chapter Chapter VI|27 pages

German History From 1937 to 1952

chapter Chapter VII|36 pages

German Literature to 1748

chapter Chapter VIII|16 pages

German Literature From 1748 to 1805

chapter Chapter IX|19 pages

German Literature From 1805 to 1880

chapter Chapter X|128 pages

German Literature from 1880 to 1954

chapter Chapter XI|48 pages

German Thought

chapter Chapter XII|52 pages

German Music

chapter Chapter XIII|28 pages

German Painting

chapter Chapter XIV|29 pages

German Architecture and Sculpture