Perhaps no other person in the history of modern business has so profoundly affected the methods of quality improvement in industry than W. Edwards Deming. The subject of many books, articles, and television documentaries, Dr. Deming has become the world-recognized leader of the quality movement in industry.

part |54 pages

Part One. The Cornerstones

chapter One|8 pages

Adopt the New Philosophy

chapter Two|8 pages

Institute Leadership

chapter Three|12 pages

Improve Constantly the System

chapter Four|12 pages

Institute Training and Retraining

part Two|34 pages

The Stepping Stones

chapter Six|6 pages

Create Constancy of Purpose

chapter Seven|10 pages

End Price Tag Awards

chapter Eight|6 pages

Eliminate Numerical Quotas and Work Standards

chapter Nine|10 pages

Cease Dependence Upon Mass Inspection

part Three|74 pages

The Milestones

chapter Eleven|10 pages

Drive Out Fear

chapter Twelve|18 pages

Eliminate Slogans, Targets, and Prizes

chapter Thirteen|10 pages

Remove Barriers to Pride of Workmanship

chapter Fourteen|12 pages

Involve Everyone in the Transformation

chapter |10 pages