Now in its fourth edition, this textbook has been completely revised to examine the current state of housing policy in the UK. Exploring developments in housing policy made since Labour's 1997 electoral victory, the book addresses current issues including the 'brownfield versus greenfield' debate; the phasing out of renovation grants; the transfer of local authority housing to registered social landlords; boom, slump and boom in the owner-occupied sector.
Other topics addressed range from regional policy and housing across the UK, to social exclusion, community care and homelessness.

chapter 1|17 pages


part I|77 pages

Supply of new and renovated housing

chapter 2|24 pages

Housing investment

chapter 3|20 pages


chapter 4|31 pages

Housing rehabilitation policy

part II|196 pages

Housing markets and housing tenure

chapter 5|22 pages

Housing finance

chapter 6|38 pages

Private rented housing

chapter 7|27 pages

Local authority housing

chapter 8|42 pages

Privatisation and stock transfer

chapter 9|30 pages

Housing associations

chapter 10|35 pages


part III|170 pages

Single issues in housing policy

chapter 11|9 pages


chapter 12|24 pages

Regional disparities and problems

chapter 13|11 pages

Urban regeneration

chapter 14|19 pages

Social exclusion

chapter 15|15 pages

Housing and community support

chapter 16|25 pages

Housing and the elderly

chapter 17|16 pages

Gender and housing

chapter 18|16 pages

Black and Asian minorities and housing

chapter 19|17 pages


chapter 20|12 pages


chapter |4 pages