Mental Skills for Athletes: A Workbook for Competitive Success is a step-by-step guide for developing a toolbox of mental skills. In this user-friendly workbook, Dr. Betsy Shoenfelt compiles materials from over 35 years of experience as a performance psychologist working to achieve competitive excellence, creating the go-to resource for athletes and coaches in any sport and at any level.

The book includes succinct, easily understood explanations of key mental skills based on the science of performance excellence. It discusses both cognitive and physical skills to ensure competitive success, covering a range of topics including focus, confidence, resilience, mindfulness, motivation, role clarity, problem solving, team values, and strategic goal setting. Shoenfelt includes over 25 different exercises to ensure the reader can readily apply these skills across a variety of sports and across all levels of competition, from high school to Olympic athletes. Worksheets encourage a hands-on approach and provide structure to guide the appropriate implementation of mental skills for each athlete. Examples of completed worksheets help demonstrate to the reader how to best utilize these resources.

This book is essential for early career sport psychology practitioners across the globe, as well as aspiring graduate students. The book is an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes at all levels.

part I|6 pages


chapter 1|5 pages

An Introduction to Mental Skills

part II|76 pages

Mental Skills

chapter 2|31 pages

Positive Self-Talk, Confidence, and Focus

chapter 3|17 pages


chapter 4|17 pages


part II|28 pages

Mental Skills

chapter 7|5 pages

Automaticity and Practice

chapter 8|10 pages


part III|44 pages

Team Skills and Special Situations

chapter 9|16 pages

Role Clarity for Team Sports

chapter 10|5 pages

The Importance of Team Values 1

chapter 11|4 pages

Strategic Goal Setting for Teams

chapter 12|17 pages

Preparing for the Big Event

part IV|4 pages


chapter |1 pages