As Vail's Bob Parker tells the story, the only difference between the early days of Vail and those of the mining towns in Colorado nearly a hundred years earlier was that Vail's gold was white. Otherwise the scene was similar-the streets were dirt covered, the bars were rowdy, buildings were being constructed everywhere, and the same self-starting and chance-taking spirit prevailed. If you are new to Vail this book should serve as a guide to the trails and special features that you'll find here. If you've been to Vail before, it's possible that you've missed a run that might be perfect for you or a special feature that will help complete your skiing day. If you're an old timer, there may be new programs you're not aware of or perhaps a secluded part of Vail Mountain you haven't discovered.

chapter |1 pages


chapter |3 pages

Skier Ratings and Directions

chapter |2 pages

Mountain Sense

chapter |25 pages

The Northeast Bowl

chapter |10 pages

Golden Peak

chapter |26 pages

Mid-Vail and Environs

chapter |17 pages


chapter |9 pages

Game Creek Bowl

chapter |15 pages

The Back Bowls

chapter |10 pages

The Summer Mountain