Work Under Capitalism synthesizes recent institutionalist and Marxist ideas about the organization of production, situating production within a social context. Starting with the transaction rather than the individual, it builds upon a coherent theory and applies it to a wide range of experience, from household labour to transformations of health c

chapter 1|20 pages

How to Work Things Out

chapter 2|15 pages

Worlds of Work

chapter 3|32 pages

Cotton, Coal, and Clinics

chapter 4|25 pages

An Analytical Frame

chapter 5|18 pages

Employers at Work

chapter 6|23 pages

Workers and Other Actors

chapter 7|24 pages

How Work Has Changed, How Work Changes

chapter 8|16 pages

Varied Work, Segmented Work

chapter 9|22 pages

Inequality at Work: Hiring

chapter 10|29 pages

Inequality at Work: Wages and Promotion

chapter 11|25 pages

Contention at Work

chapter 12|10 pages