This book examines the prospects for world economic development. It focuses primarily on the period from 1978 to 2000 and pays particular attention to the earlier part of that interval. The book examines some of the more immediate problems and issues associated with the process of economic growth.

Introduction Part I: Framework, Concepts, Perspectives 1. The Big Picture and Some Details 2. Economic Growth: Contexts, Scenarios, Images 3. Cultural Change and Economic Growth: The Emergence of the Fourteen New Emphases 4. A Speculative Overview of the Current Situation Part II: The Real World 5. Growing Pains: The Emerging Super industrial Economy, Malaise, and Inflation 6. Two and One-Half Heroes of Development: South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan 7. More on the Rich, the Middle Income, and the Poor Countries 8. Recommendations, Observations, and Parting Polemics