This collection of original papers by prominent political and academic figures from both sides of the Atlantic focuses on the political, economic, military-strategic, and domestic dimensions of West Germany's foreign policy.

The authors first consider the changing constraints and opportunities that have shaped West German foreign policy. Succeeding chapters examine Germany's relationship with the United States, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and the Third World; the evolution and development of Germany's Eastern European policy; the role of Germany in a changing political, strategic, and economic environment; arms proliferation and control; and prospects for the future.

Germany and the Balance of Power -- West German Foreign Policy, 1949-1979: Necessities and Choices -- West Germany and the New Dimensions of Security -- Germany and NATO: The Enduring Bargain -- Germany and the Atlantic Community -- The United States and Germany -- Germany, France, and Europe -- The Soviet Union and Germany -- Adenauer’s Ostpolitik -- The New Ostpolitik -- The Role of Public Opinion in West German Foreign Policy -- Germany and the Third World: The Politics of Free Trade and the Free Hand -- Foreign Policy and Monetary Policy -- Economic Growth, Economic Policy, and Foreign Affairs -- The Role of Germany in the Evolving International Economic System -- The Prospects of German Foreign Policy