Originally published in 1982. This book describes a comprehensive and integrated model of the UK energy sector which focuses on decision-making and optimisation rather than on forecasting or simulation. It incorporates the production and investment policy of all the major fuels over a fifty-year horizon and analyses strategy under a variety of different assumptions about costs, demands, technology and future decisions. The chapters cover a wide spectrum of energy problems and policy, including scenarios of rising oil and gas prices, and there are striking calculations of the costs of a non-nuclear plus conservation strategy. Interesting reading for those concerned with energy policy.

chapter 1|21 pages

UK Energy Sector: Past, Present and Future

chapter 2|31 pages

A Survey of Energy Models

chapter 5|21 pages

Base Case Results

chapter 6|19 pages

Base Case Sensitivity Analyses

chapter 7|20 pages

International Trade Policy Considerations

chapter 8|24 pages


chapter 9|19 pages

Non-nuclear Futures

chapter 10|28 pages

Variable Demand

chapter 11|8 pages

Summary, Updating and Conclusions

chapter |2 pages

Notes on the Authors