Originally published in 1985. This in-depth analysis of federal energy policy and politics in the oil and gas sector critically evaluates the National Energy Program, one of the most controversial and wide-ranging policy initiatives in Canadian history - an import case study. Bridging Canadian politics and public policy, the book gives an historical overview of the development of energy policy since 1945, examining the shifts in the balance of power between public and private energy interests. It presents the NEP’s positive and negative impacts on energy policy and the nature of political power.

chapter One


part I|62 pages

The Forging of the Nep

chapter 1|27 pages

Energy Politics and the Nep

chapter 2|35 pages

The Nep: Anatomy of a Decision

part II|136 pages

Canadian Energy History and the Pre-Nep Legacy

part III|94 pages

Energy Politics after the Nep: 1981–1984

part IV|158 pages

Policy and Implementation in the Post-Nep Period

part V|42 pages

Concluding Observations

chapter 12|26 pages

Energy Politics: A New Balance of Power?

chapter 13|15 pages

The Nep and Energy Policy: an Evaluation