Adapting Psychological Tests and Measurement Instruments for Cross-Cultural Research provides an easy-to-read overview of the methodological issues and best practices for cross-cultural adaptation of psychological instruments.

Although the development of cross-cultural test adaption methodology has advanced in recent years, the discussion is often pitched at an expert level and requires an advanced knowledge of statistics, psychometrics and scientific methodology. This book, however, introduces the history and concepts of cross-cultural psychometrics in a pedagogic and simple manner. It evaluates key ethical, cultural, methodological and legal issues in cross-cultural psychometrics and provides a guide to test adaptation, data analysis and interpretation.

Written in an accessible manner, this book builds an understanding of the methodological, ethical and legal complexities of cross-cultural test adaptation and presents methods for test adaptation, including the basic statistical procedures for evaluating the equivalence of test versions. It would be the ideal companion for undergraduate students and those new to psychometrics.

chapter 1|20 pages


chapter 2|27 pages

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chapter 3|51 pages

Test adaptation

chapter 5|29 pages

Interpretation of individual results