Published in 1965: The study examines the changing structure and pattern of international relations in a world wide context. Defining balance of power in a dynamic sense akin to that of a "moving equilibrium".

part I|2 pages

Power, Doctrines and Morality in International Relations

chapter Chapter I|24 pages

Political Doctrines and Balance of Power

chapter Chapter II|21 pages

The Non-Communist World

chapter Chapter III|7 pages

Morality and International Relations

part II|2 pages

International Relations and the World-Wide Spread of Political Consciousness

chapter Chapter IV|10 pages

Changing Political Geography

chapter Chapter V|26 pages

Imperialism, Colonialism, and Nationalism

chapter Chapter VI|11 pages

The Psychological Necessity of Decolonisation

chapter Chapter VII|19 pages

Communism, Anti-Communism, and Le Tiers Monde

part III|2 pages

Nationalism, Fusion, and Separation

chapter Chapter VIII|20 pages

Nationalism, Self-Government, and Political Freedom

chapter Chapter IX|16 pages

The Integration and Disintegration of States

chapter Chapter X|18 pages

Approaches to Unity in Diversity

part IV|2 pages

Towards a New Structure of International Relations

chapter Chapter XIII|25 pages

European Unity and the Balance of Power

chapter Chapter XIV|19 pages

Policies of the New Europe

chapter Chapter XV|20 pages

The Summing Up