Originally published in 1972, Medieval Monarchy in Action covers a period extending from the reign of Henry I to the early years of Henry IV. The book examines how the Saxon and Salian monarchs of the tenth and eleventh centuries built the foundations of the German Empire, this volume contains fifty documents which present the reader with the vivid picture of the imperial activities. The book contains original source material, including diplomas issued by the emperors, most of which have never before been published in English. Both the introduction and documents reveal the workings of the imperial chancery, the utilization of the Church as the foundation for building a strong monarchy, and the careful conscription of learned ecclesiastics into the royal bureaucracy. The period of Saxon-Salian dominance is an important area of study for papal-imperial relations in the Middle Ages and also for modern European history.

part |92 pages

Introduction the Age of the Saxons and Salians

chapter 1|8 pages

The Reign of Henry I (919–936)

chapter 2|18 pages

The Reign of Otto I (936–973)

chapter 3|6 pages

The Reign of Otto II (973–983)

chapter 4|12 pages

The Reign of Otto III (983–1002)

chapter 5|9 pages

The Reign of Henry II (1002–1024)

chapter 6|15 pages

The Reign of Conrad II (1024–1039)

chapter 7|14 pages

The Reign of Henry III (1039–1056)

chapter 8|8 pages

The Reign of Henry IV (1056–1106)

part |138 pages

Selected Documents

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Definition of Terms

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Bibliographical Envoi