Originally published in 1993, Medieval English Benedictine Liturgy is a detailed study of the liturgical use of medieval monasteries in England, spanning 500 years. The study examines the major votive observances that came to fruition in the twelfth century and later and argues that these important practices affected earlier monastic observances. The book’s emphasis on Anglo-Saxon liturgy provides a bridge between the practices of the English Benedictines before and after the Conquest. The book also traces the chronological progress of three individual observances and extends where possible into the sixteenth century. The book argues that, at a broader level, while liturgy has been recognized as an indispensable part of the study of the context and use of medieval chant and polyphony.

part I|51 pages

The Formation of Votive Observance in English Monasteries before the Norman Conquest

part II|123 pages

Three Case-Studies Taken from Later Medieval Practice

chapter Chapter Three|34 pages

The Daily Votive Office

chapter Chapter Four|47 pages

The Commemorative Office

chapter Chapter Five|40 pages

The Votive Antiphon

chapter |105 pages


chapter |40 pages

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