Published in 1931: The Epyllion From Theocritus to Ovid discusses Greek Epics along with extracts of Poems.

chapter I|24 pages

The Epyllion from Theocritus to Ovid

chapter II|25 pages

The Greek and Latin Epyllia

chapter III|22 pages

The Epic Idyll. Theocritus, Moschus and Bion

chapter IV|20 pages

The Hecale of Callimachus

chapter VI|26 pages

Catullus and His School

chapter VII|13 pages

The Culex

chapter VIII|24 pages

The Ciris and the School of Cornelius Gallus

chapter IX|17 pages

The Aristæus of Vergil

chapter X|22 pages

The Metamorphoses of Ovid

I. The Construction of the Poem 1

chapter XI|26 pages

The Metamorphoses of Ovid

II. The Ovidian Epyllion

chapter XII|15 pages

Epyllion and Grand Epic

chapter Note I|4 pages

The Order of the Columns on the Rainer Board

chapter Note II|2 pages

Lost Greek Epyllia

chapter Note III|2 pages

The Culex and the Aristæus

chapter Note V|3 pages

Narrative Elegy and Epyllion

chapter Note VI|5 pages

Table of the Construction of the Metamorphoses