Originally published in 1989, Alliterative Poetry of the Later Middle Ages is an anthology of texts looking at the tradition of alliterative poetry in medieval English literature. The book presents lesser known alliterative Middle English poems, which are unmodernised and include explanatory footnotes designed to give clarity to the text and enable critical response to the texts. The book illustrates the great range and variety of alliterative verse, both rhymed and unrhymed. The poems range from descriptions of armies, bloody battles, dramatic storms and dreams of goddesses. Whatever the subject, social and political satire, theological controversy and moral admonition is always given a lively and interesting setting. The book contains a succinct and incisive introductory material and a carefully selected bibliography which will encourage further reading.

chapter |8 pages


chapter |29 pages

The Harley Lyrics

chapter |29 pages

Wynnere and Wastoure

chapter |34 pages

The Parlement of The Thre Ages

chapter |19 pages

St Erkenwald

chapter |20 pages

A Pistel of Susan

chapter |8 pages

Somer Soneday

chapter |10 pages

The Three Dead Kings

chapter |12 pages

The Siege of Jerusalem

chapter |14 pages

John Clerk: The Destruction of Troy

chapter |29 pages

The Wars of Alexander