A Different Paradigm in Music Education is a "let’s consider some possibilities" book. Instead of a music methods book, it is a look at where the music education profession is and how music teachers might improve what it is we do. It is about change. It is about questioning the current music education paradigm, especially regarding its exclusive role as the only model. The intent is to help pre-service and in-service music educators consider new modes of pedagogical thought that will allow us to broaden our reach in schools and better help students develop as creative musicians across their lifespan.

The book includes an overview of several opportunities and course examples that would make music education more relevant and meaningful, especially for students that are not interested in our traditional performance offerings. The author wishes to stimulate discussions, with the goal for the music education profession to grow and mature.

chapter 1|18 pages

Philosophic Thoughts and Questions

chapter 2|10 pages

History and Traditions

chapter 3|13 pages

Societal Change

chapter 4|35 pages

Opportunities for Change

chapter 5|30 pages

Beyond Band, Choir, and Orchestra

chapter 6|3 pages

Closing Thoughts