This book was originally published in 1858. Dr. Taylor was for ten years pastor of the Center Church in New Haven, Connecticut, before called to the Theological Chair in Yale College. These sermons were written during this period, and preached in the ordinary course of ministerial duty. Many of them had reference to a state of deep religious interest in his congregation, with which his ministry was so frequently blessed.

chapter I|15 pages

Their Rock, Not as Our Rock.

chapter II|12 pages

The Promises Designed to Make Men Holy.

chapter III|15 pages

The Better Country.

chapter IV|11 pages

Paul and Silas in Prison.

chapter V|13 pages

The Habitual Recognition of God.

chapter VI|15 pages

The Source of the Christian’s Joy.

(A Sermon for the Lord’s Supper.)

chapter VIII|14 pages

The Increase of Faith.

chapter IX|13 pages

God Judges better than Man.

chapter X|14 pages

The Rule and the Test of Morality.

chapter XI|16 pages

Singleness of Heart.

chapter XII|12 pages

Practical Atheism.

chapter XIII|15 pages

Sinners Hate the Light.

chapter XVI|16 pages

On Heaven.

chapter XV|13 pages

Holiness Alone Fits for Heaven.

chapter XVI|13 pages

God Angry with the Wicked.

chapter XVII|14 pages

The Goodness of God Designed to Reclaim.

chapter XVIII|13 pages

Pardoning Mercy is Abundant.

chapter XIX|19 pages

The Terror of the Lord Persuasive.

chapter XX|13 pages

The Necessity of Repentance.

chapter XXI|15 pages

Immediate Repentance Practicable.

chapter XXII|15 pages

On Striving to Enter in at the Strait Gate.

chapter XXIII|12 pages

Salvation Free to the Willing.

chapter XXIV|12 pages

The Gospel Hidden to the Lost.

chapter XXV|17 pages

The Pharisee and Publican.

chapter XXVI|12 pages

Halting between Two Opinions.

chapter XXVII|13 pages

Making Excuses.

chapter XXVIII|14 pages

Hardening the Heart.

chapter XXX|13 pages

Putting the Hand to the Plow.

chapter XXXI|15 pages


chapter XXXII|15 pages

The Harvest Past.