First published in 1988, this volume was originally published, according to the authors, thanks to a ‘conscious call’. They were ‘fully persuaded that the honor of Christ and the very life of His church are alike endangered by the doubting spirit now brooding over the educational institutions of America.’ The book contains chapters on the prominence of scepticism in schools; the theory of evolution and false theology; and the sacred scriptures.

chapter Chapter I|20 pages

The Higher Criticism According to Higher Critics.

chapter Chapter II|24 pages

The Prominence of Skepticism in Our Schools.

chapter Chapter III|22 pages

The Prevalence of Skepticism in Pulpits.

chapter Chapter IV|22 pages

The Theory of Evolution and False Theology.

chapter Chapter V|24 pages

Are The Sacred Scriptures Unscientific?

chapter Chapter VI|23 pages

The Finality of the Higher Critcism.

chapter Chapter VII|24 pages

Some Definitions of the New Theology.

chapter Chapter VIII|21 pages

Skepticism—is Satan Back of it?

chapter Chapter IX|19 pages

Scientific Spirit in Scripture Study.

chapter Chapter X|17 pages

What will be the Religion of the Future?