Published in 1967, these two volumes combine the traditions of the annalistic style with the exacting requirements of modern scholarship to provide scholars of the fifteenth century with what remains, forty years after its first publication, the most exhaustive account of the reign of Edward IV. Again, and again her intensive researches allow the author to throw new light on obscure points, or to put some casual reference in chronicles or letters into its true relation.

part IV

England and France

chapter Chapter I|25 pages


chapter Chapter III|32 pages

A Settlement with the Hanseatic League

chapter Chapter IV|28 pages

Bargains with Burgundy and scotland

chapter Chapter V|40 pages

The Expedition to Prance

part V|2 pages

Louis Xi’ Pensioner

chapter Chapter I|20 pages

A Quiet Year

chapter Chapter II|28 pages

Clarence and Mary of Burgundy

chapter Chapter III|19 pages

The End of Clarence

chapter Chapter IV|27 pages

The Bishop of Elne

chapter Chapter V|22 pages

Louis Delays

chapter Chapter VI|31 pages

A Visit Prom the Duchess Margaret

chapter Chapter VII|22 pages

War With Scotland

chapter Chapter VIII|26 pages

Gloucester Invades Scotland

chapter Chapter IX|19 pages

The Treaty Op Arras And The Death of Edward

part VI|2 pages