Published in 1963: The three essays bound together in ths book are based upon lectures given by the author as a Univesity Lecturer in Modern History at Oxford. The Lectures were not intended as a substitute for the excellent textbooks of modern European history published in recent years. The choice of subject and more of treatment were determined by the questions of students and others attempting to find in this history of modern Europe something more than a chronicale of events, a list of dates and names, a catalogue of political and consititutional changes.

chapter |4 pages

War and Peace in Europe 1815–1870

chapter I|13 pages

The Age of European Peace

chapter II|11 pages

The Character of European Wars 1815–1870

chapter III|11 pages

Causes of European Wars 1815–1870

chapter IV|30 pages

Political and Other Factors Making for Peace

chapter V|43 pages

Economic Factors Making for Peace or War

chapter |4 pages


part |78 pages

Historical Material and Historical Certainty

chapter I|23 pages

The Sources of Modern History

chapter II|21 pages

The Classification of Historical Material

chapter III|14 pages

The Classification of Historical Material

chapter IV|16 pages

Historians of the Nineteenth Century

chapter |2 pages

Printed Collections of Treaties, Etc.

part |94 pages

French History and French Memoirs 1815–1850

chapter I|46 pages

Outline of French History 1815–1850

chapter II|46 pages

French Memoirs, 1815–1850