This book was originally published in 1935. For some years past the scientific study of primitive peoples has experimented in a variety of directions for new methods of investigation. Criticism of the comparative method, of which Sir James Frazer is recognized as the foremost exponent all the world over, has been directed mainly against the fragmentary character of its evidence when torn from its context.

In this book Dr Benedict offers an alternative method of approach. The aim of the investigator, she maintains, should be the discovery in the diversity of cultures of the 'configuration' of each - that is the cultural drive in group and individual which determines the characteristic reaction to stimulus in any and every situation in life.

chapter Chapter I|14 pages

The Science of Custom

chapter Chapter II|17 pages

The Diversity of Cultures

chapter Chapter III|9 pages

The Integration of Culture

chapter Chapter IV|53 pages

The Pueblos of New Mexico

chapter Chapter V|31 pages


chapter Chapter VI|36 pages

The North-West Coast of America

chapter Chapter VII|20 pages

The Nature of Society

chapter Chapter VIII|21 pages

The Individual and the Pattern of Culture