After working for nearly three years to improve the performance of the government of Flint, Michigan—and discovering that there was no comprehensive work on the subject of local-government management to refer to—Brian Rapp and Frank M. Patitucci felt a personal as well as a professional need to write a book that would help them understand their successes and failures, and that would help others do a better job in similar situations. The result, this book, is unique both in its approach and in its presentation. The authors, establishing a conceptual framework within which to understand their subject, use Flint as a case city to examine the practical impact of factors affecting city government, and they indicate the major standards and criteria that should be applied in evaluating that impact. Although they recognize that within each city there are unique conditions that make a blanket prescription impossible, the authors are nevertheless convinced that many individuals both in and out of government can do something to improve the performance of their city government, and they have set out to help these individuals understand, in the most concrete terms possible, how they might go about it.

chapter |7 pages


Performance and the Management Process

part I|18 pages

A framework for understanding managing for performance

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages

Improving Local-Government Performance

chapter Chapter 2|5 pages

Managing Local Government as a Public Business

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Analyzing the Performance of a Local Government

part II|294 pages

Applying the framework

chapter Chapter 4|3 pages

The Case City: Flint, Michigan

chapter Chapter 5|23 pages

Political Leaders

chapter Chapter 6|32 pages

Municipal Managers

chapter Chapter 7|28 pages

Municipal Employees and Employee Unions

chapter Chapter 8|25 pages

Management Tools

chapter Chapter 9|43 pages

Financing and Financial Practices

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Internal Government Structure

chapter Chapter 11|34 pages

Intergovernmental Relationships

chapter Chapter 12|21 pages

Citizen Involvement

chapter Chapter 13|22 pages

The News Media

chapter Chapter 14|25 pages

Private-interest Groups

chapter Chapter 15|14 pages

The Judiciary

part III|62 pages

Getting from here to there

chapter Chapter 16|10 pages

Deciding What To Do and How To Do It

chapter Chapter 17|11 pages

Guidelines for Achieving Desired Results

chapter Chapter 18|20 pages

Development of Modern Management Tools: A Case Study

chapter Chapter 19|16 pages

Development of an Urban University: A Case Study

chapter Chapter 20|2 pages

A Concluding Note