This book explores the conceptual basis for the events and processes in the prehistory of the Athapaskans, one of the most wide-spread peoples in western North America. The author bases his research on the premise that social structure is not passively dependent on the technological and economic bases of society, and argues that, ultimately, kinshi

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages


chapter Chapter 2|58 pages

Cultural Diversity in Northwestern North America

chapter Chapter 3|56 pages

Beaver and Slavey Principles of Group Formation

chapter Chapter 4|37 pages

Early Fur Trade Impacts on the Beaver and Slavey

chapter Chapter 6|98 pages

Northern Athapaskan Socioeconomic Variability

chapter Chapter 7|47 pages

Toward Northern Athapaskan Prehistory

chapter Chapter 8|13 pages

Reflections on a Theoretical Prehistory