This perceptive, detailed biography traces the life of Katô Shidzue, one of Japan's most powerful female activists and politicians. Katô's activism initially was sparked by her friendship with Margaret Sanger, who inspired Katô to found a Japanese birth control movement in the 1920s.

chapter 1|17 pages

Good Wife, Wise Mother (1897–1920)

chapter 2|23 pages

A "New Woman" of Japan (1921–1928)

chapter 3|20 pages

Independence (1929–1935)

chapter 4|18 pages

"Dangerous Thoughts" (1935–1936)

chapter 5|16 pages

Discreet Activism (1937)

chapter 6|20 pages

Political Suppression (1937–1938)

chapter 7|20 pages

Quiet Disapproval (1938–1939)

chapter 9|19 pages

Rising from the Ashes (1945–1946)

chapter Chapter 10|21 pages

Political Triumph (1946)

chapter Chapter 11|20 pages

Populist Politics (1946–1947)

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Discord (1947–1949)

chapter Chapter 13|17 pages

Conflict over Birth Control (1949–1952)

chapter Chapter 14|18 pages

"Life-Changes" (1951–1957)

chapter Chapter 15|17 pages

A Political Maverick (1957–1995)