This book examines the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978 and other stringent non-proliferation laws that seek to tighten U.S. nuclear export criteria and strengthen the international non-proliferation regime. It juxtaposes efforts of nuclear managers with those of reformers who remain intent on strengthening safeguards to prevent horizontal proliferation. Dr. Beckman looks at the development of the Atoms for Peace program, the mindset that grew up along with it, and the shifts in congressional thought about the promise and problems of the peaceful nuclear fuel cycle.

chapter |10 pages


part 1|112 pages

Primus Inter Pares

part 2|77 pages

Nuclear Dawn: Throwing Light on Hazards

part 3|69 pages

Legislative Maneuvering

chapter 5|35 pages

Congressional Reeducation on Proliferation

chapter 6|31 pages

Legislative Attempts at Export Reform

part 4|76 pages

Congressional Constraints on Presidential Flexibility

chapter 7|33 pages

Battle Lines: To Ban or to Manage?

chapter 8|40 pages

Clash of Arms: Reformers Versus Realists

part 5|62 pages

Reexamination, Realism, and Reassertion

chapter 9|39 pages

Rubber Guillotines Begin to Fall

chapter 10|20 pages

Conclusions: A Pyrrhic Victory?