This volume reflects an effort to bring ideas to bear on major issues of domestic and foreign policy. It is an interaction of the author's working in academic and working in the realm of public service.

chapter One|6 pages

Introduction: Notes on a Lively Half-Century

chapter Two|24 pages

The American Diplomatic Revolution

chapter Three|11 pages

Marx Was a City Boy

chapter Four|16 pages

The Fallacy of the Fertile Gondolas and a Reply

chapter Five|7 pages

The Long Run and the Short Run

chapter Six|14 pages

Some Lessons of History for Africa

chapter Seven|10 pages

The Planning of Foreign Policy

chapter Eight|17 pages

The Challenge of Democracy in Developing Nations

chapter Nine|14 pages

The Sharing of the Good Life

chapter Ten|7 pages

The Anglo-American Situation (1969)

chapter Eleven|15 pages

The Irrelevance of the Relevant

chapter Twelve|8 pages

An Historian Looks at History: 1970

chapter Fourteen|3 pages

For East and West, Avenues, Not Ruts

chapter Fifteen|13 pages

Two Items About LBJ

chapter Seventeen|5 pages

What Economic Path for Western Europe?

chapter Eighteen|3 pages

Charting a Course Toward 1988