This book gives an overview of all of Asian history from the eastern borders of Europe to the Pacific and from the birth of civilization to the present. It provides a broad framework and flexible method for thinking about the history of the people of Asia.

chapter 1|36 pages

The Birth of Civilization in Asia

110,000 b.c. to 1000 b.c.

chapter 2|44 pages

The Political Organization of Civilized Societies

382334 B.C. to 400 B.C.

chapter 3|44 pages

The Crisis and Ethical Protest in the Mid-First Millennium b.c.

82600 B.C. to 450 B.C.

chapter 4|47 pages

The Rise of Universal Empires during the First Millennium b.c.

126539 b.c. to 9 a.d.

chapter 5|48 pages

The Persistence of Empire in the Face of Change

350 b.c. to 650 a.d.

chapter 6|62 pages

The Rise of Universal Religions

300 to 900 a.d.

chapter 7|76 pages

The Regional Fragmentation of Civilizations

750 to 1500 A.D.

chapter 8|45 pages

Eurasian Integration under Central Asian Dominance

1100 to 1500 a.d.

chapter 9|72 pages

Early Modern Empires in Asia

4041350 to 1850